foto1The mission of Open Door Association is to change lives,empowering physical and disabled people in need. A  successful action that aims to promote and achieve  a dream that is unreachable for many of the disabled, the opportunity to study.

“But eyes are blind. It’s necessary to search with the heart.
(The Little Prince)



I would like to thank you,  Open Door Association for everything that you guys did for me. I loved studying with professor Luís and I would like to thank  professor Daniel too I enjoyed and learned a lot with my Computer Classes. Thank you for everything, love you guys



São Paulo and Japan together for people with disabilities rehabilitation

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 Paralimpíadas 2016 Rio by Gustavo

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Legal Accessible Vacancy

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Brazilian Paralympics Training Center formalized the start of activities

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Paratodos Feature Film Overcoming is just the beginning of the story

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Foto de exemplo The OPEN DOOR students that found themselves included in society and are working as professionals in different companies.


The Open Door Association , with partners and supporters , performs an aggregating and effective action when it comes to the development of  people  in need.

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The Justice Ministry conceived to Open Door  Association a certification that qualifies it as a Civil Society of Public Concern. This permits to whom becomes an associated (Natural Person and/or Corporate Body) are able to deduct the donations to their income tax , up to 2% from operational profit.

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