Exposition at MIS



Exhibition brings images that blinds can see

Open Door Association students visited the exhibition “from pictures to touch” last week, at the museum of Sound and Image  – MIS, in São Paulo on October 19 th and 20th ,2016.

The photographer Gabriel Bonfim has created a technique named “Tactografia”, a sort of multi dimensional printing, that scans the pictured object and maps the proportions and depth.

The exhibition honors the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and Denis Vieira,dancer from Santa Catarina that is a solo dancer at Bolshoi Theatre School, in Berlin.

For those that can see, the images appear just in white. For the visually impaired, they can have thousands of meanings.

To give the opportunity to Open Door students to attend this exhibition was very important, because discovering new ways and to have different experiences is nice, stimulating and enriching.Providing Open Door students with that visit was very important as knowing new ways and experience other forms is grateful, stimulant and enriching.