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Gustavo na Paralimpiadas 2016 Rio

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Paralympics Games 2016 Rio

Gustavo de Castro Pimenta, Open Door financial manager, visited the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Park last September 16th. It was an exciting and unique opportunity; the diversity of tribes, cultures and languages was amazing. The venues accessibility, with ramps and elevators, facilitate the locomotion of the disabled athletes and visitors. The volunteers, besides being qualified, were receptive and helpful.

At the Oplympic Park, Gustavo watched the Wheelchair Rugby semifinal game, between USA and Japan. The disabled athletes resilience, strength and vigor, overcoming boundaries and limits, showed that the impossible does not exist.

That experience revealed the importance of the sport in the integration and socialization for all people.

Legal Accessible Vacancy

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This Tuesday (September 6th), at 2 PM, The Parknet App will be launched.  This App will signal the location of all handicap and elderly parking spaces available in public areas, and will also be able to create an itinerary to the desired parking space.

It’s already possible to download the app:




For further information: HTTP://

To participate: Mobilab – Rua Boa Vista nr. 136

September 4th –  2:00P